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Memory Boxes

This is a product that comes close to my heart. 


At a time when a loss brings us to our worst, we need anything that can bring us a little hope.  The worst thing we can do is to tell someone who has suffered a loss to forget - instead we need to tell them that it is okay to remember.  This memory box gives enough space to put 4x6 pictures and any small memento that can help us remember. 


This product is free to anyone who has lost a little one no matter what stage of their life they were in.  It comes with a quote on the inside saying "we always remember the life of this little one no matter how brief their life on this earth.  God Bless." and personalized engraving on the top will be provided as well.  

If you would like to request one for yourself or someone else - please fill out the information below. 

This service is free but if you would like to donate to this ministry you can find the link below.


Resources for Grieving mothers:

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